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I believe in a dialog with clay, in listening for what it would like to express on any given day. All of my pieces are unique for a simple reason that no two conversations are ever the same. Handbuilding to me holds a world of possibilities when it comes to shapes, textures, and treatment of edges. I started with slabs and press molds and then discovered pinching. A few years in, it still remains my favorite way of making, the most tactile. I have also been exploring coiling. I prefer a small scale and if I were to subscribe to a particular genre in ceramics, it would be sculptural vessels. I think all of my pieces start with a vessel and some evolve into miniature sculptures. I am currently seeing three directions in which my work is developing: botanically (eco) printed vessels, sculptures inspired by lithops/conophytum plants and by Japanese water basins.

If you are interested in learning more about my work or in aquiring any of the pieces, please contact me directly at or visit my etsy shop at

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